Health & Wellness

Wellness coaching focuses on guiding you toward your highest level of wellness.  It is an alliance between a person and their coach working to apply positive lifestyle changes.

Holistic Life Coaching

Life coaching brings the power of positive change to any area identified by the client.  We focus on realizing goals and achieving full potential.

What Is Empowerment?

Empowerment is an action.  It's building confidence; gaining strength; the process of guiding your life in a way that brings you to goals that you set for yourself.

How Does Coaching Work?

Life coaching is whatever you want it to be. You determine session length and frequency. You identify your needs. We will build a program specifically suited to your preferences.  When you feel like adjusting the direction of our sessions, that is what we will do.  And at , the discovery session is free of charge.

How Do We Meet?

There are multiple platforms available to meet your needs.  Skype, Zoom, and telephone are all possibilities.